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Embroidery Services

Our custom embroidery adds a different dimension to your garments with it's raised stitched texture, giving your logo a smart and prestigious feel. Our clothing embroidery services are high quality and can be applied to a huge range of items and materials including polos shirts, bags, caps and sweatshirts to name a few.

The most popular and cost effective embroidered logos are usually small designs on the left chest or a similar size to fit perfectly on caps, as our garment embroidery is priced by the stitch. For much larger designs we would suggest another printing method.

The Process

Firstly we reproduce your design digitally in stitch format, which is known as digitising. Once this process is complete, we give you a digital model of your embroidery before proceeding. This is to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied by the final embroidered design on your garments.

Some logos may require a small amount of simplification, but we can advise you on this and carry out the necessary alterations. There are a huge range of thread colours available to suit your branding and you can have up to 10 colours in each logo.

We can embroider most items, please let us know your requirments.

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Please note, we recommend doing a run of at least 10 items for embroidery due to the artwork setup involved, if you need a smaller order, we suggest DTG printing.

Popular products

These are three of our most popular products, but we offer custom embroidery services for a huge range of garments. Polo shirts are one of your most popular items for embroidery for branded company clothing and work wear, We also offer T-shirt embroidery, but the T-shirts must quite quite heavy to take the stitching. Embroidered hats and caps are also a popular choice as they can't usually be decorated easily by any other print process.

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